Howdy, I'm David Petar Novakovic. I am a native digital with a research master's degree focusing on computational cognition models. I also help people grow their businesses by understanding how data empowers them.

I have previously worked on things like:

Catch me on twitter: @dpn

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    David P. Novakovic

    Before you're hired: 1. A binary tree? 2. Currying? 3. Higher-order function? 4. How does event loop work? 5. What… https://t.co/Q7ewXxqIpA
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  • David P. Novakovic

    David P. Novakovic @dpn

    Found it in the vanguard section :)
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    David P. Novakovic @dpn

    Damn @Bungie I've been checking every day and haven't seen the machinist.. Need the lore
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