Polyphasic Sleep Setup Pt3: Alarms

When it comes to alarms for polyphasic sleepers I've heard of some really crazy things, my solution is much simpler so I'll describe that here.

Polyphasic Sleep Setup Pt2: Tracking Sleep

Recently I've started a polyphasic sleeping schedule to squeeze a little bit more out of my time poor days at the moment. In this post I'm going to cover how I track my sleep currently and how I've done it in the past. I've written previously about my polyphsic sleep schedule, so check that out for a bit more of an intro.

My Dual Core 1 Polyphasic Sleeping Setup

Recently I've started doing a polyphasic sleep schedule, basically a way to make sleep more effective and to get less sleep overall. Here I'm going to outline what schedule and hacks I'm using to pull it off (or not as it may be). Generally I hope that my own experiences will help others who may be considering polyphasic sleep.