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  • Tom Eastman

    Tom Eastman @tveastman

    David P. Novakovic

    @freakboy3742 No. In my experience the people I've known who have sold themselves that way have been monumental nar…
    11 hours, 17 minutes ago

  • Russell Keith-Magee

    Russell Keith-Magee @freakboy3742

    David P. Novakovic

    Does anyone who says “I’m not a coder, I’m more of an ideas person” realise how monumentally foolish they sound when they say it?
    11 hours, 25 minutes ago

  • Atlanta Daniel

    Atlanta Daniel @lants

    David P. Novakovic

    Stop trying to be a thought leader on Twitter by scheduling a thousand posts and top ten lists each day. It's too much.
    12 hours, 40 minutes ago